Play your part in social distancing. Food delivery is an easy and effective way to make sure you get your favorite food delivered to your home to avoid travelling to populated spaces during the lockdown.

Now you can get the freshest seafood delivered from Trawlers Seafood.

On daily basis we make sure that we follow the guidance provided by World Health Organization and South African Department of Health and Safety.

COVID-19 and food safety:

“It is highly unlikely that people can contract COVID-19 from food or food packaging. COVID-19 is a respiratory illness and the primary transmission route is through person-to-person contact and through direct contact with respiratory droplets generated when an infected person coughs or sneezes. There is no evidence to date of viruses that cause respiratory illnesses being transmitted via food or food packaging. Coronaviruses cannot multiply in food”. WHO dated 07/04/2020

Our staff hygienic practices include:

  • frequent hand hygiene – washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds;
  • as usual our staff wears gloves while preparing food and changes them before every new order to make sure they dispose gloves frequently and prepare your order not only with love but with 100% clean hands;
  • frequent use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers;
  • respiratory hygiene – our staff wears face masks at all time during the work shift and outside while commuting to/from work;
  • as usual our staff wears clean uniform, frequently changed apron and gloves, hair cap;
  • frequent cleaning/disinfection of work surfaces and touch points such as door handles.

Our measures in place to adhere to physical distancing guidance are:

  • space out workstations: kitchen, packing and delivery points;
  • limit the number of staff in a food preparation;
  • organize staff into working teams to facilitate reduced interaction between groups.

Our delivery process includes the following precaution measures:

  • orders are packed in clean and sanitizer packaging;
  • our staff including drivers wear PPE at all time with frequent change;
  • drivers keep distance while delivering the order;
  • while paying for the order, customers are provided with sanitizer/wet wipe to disinfect their hands;
  • we advise our customers to pay with CARD using tap option;
  • card machine is cleaned before every use.

And the last but not the least – prevention measures:

  • pre-screening of staff – take temperature and assess symptoms prior to starting work;
  • disinfection of all ingredients’ delivery;
  • disinfection and cleaning of work spaces and equipment, frequent cleaning of high touch surfaces;
  • our staff perform regular self-monitor (e.g., take temperature and assess symptoms of coronavirus);
  • our staff practice social distancing and stay at least 1 meter from other people whenever possible.

Our Team takes all these points seriously and strictly follows the hygiene manuals to make sure our food is tasty and safe, our customers are happy and safe, our staff members are devoted and safe.

We appreciate your support and we hope to see online soon!

Best regards,

Trawlers Seafood Team

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